Your Details

Right to Work Details

If requested for an interview, please bring along proof of residency with one of the following documents:

  • Australian or New Zealand passport
  • Australian birth certificate and photograph
  • Australian citizenship certificate

Note to Interviewer:Record document number of proof provided e.g. passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate number/s, take copy and attach to application.


Note - you will not necessarily be asked to work all the hours you are available. The information enables us to source employment opportunities to your availability

Section 4 - Employment History – (or attach a copy of your CV/resume)

Referees (names to be contacted for a reference check)

Certified Qualification (If requested to interview, please bring proof of relevant licences)


e.g. domestic, retail, commercial cleaning, computer, customer service, hospitality etc


This employment application form is maintained in strict confidence. Personal information collected via this application will only be used for the purpose of recruitment by MSK/G-SS Pty Ltd. The information you submit to us may be disclosed to referees, our team members who are involved in recruitment or support roles, security organisations, recruitment agencies and other third parties who assist us in the recruitment process. Any information we collect about you in future will be used and disclosed in the same manner as described above unless we tell you otherwise in advance. You may request access to personal information about you that is held by us.

I consent to MSK/G-SS Pty Ltd using and disclosing my personal information in the manner described above. To the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided (oral or in writing) as to qualifications and experience in applying for this position are true and complete. I have disclosed to MSK/G-SS any injuries and/or illnesses previously suffered that may affect my ability to effectively carry out the functions and responsibilities of my position. I have no objection to any of my referees nominated being contacted for a confidential reference report regarding my performance, services and any other information that will help determine my suitability for employment. I have no objection to be enrolled in the TOIL scheme. I have no objection to either a Police Check or DIMIA (Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs) Check to be completed on myself to determine my suitability for employment. I have no objection to having a medical examination to determine my capacity to safely perform the inherent requirements of the position for which I have applied. I declare that the statements made by me in this application are true, complete and correct. I understand that a false statement or dishonest answer to any questions may be grounds for my immediate discharge from employment.

If No payroll action cannot commence